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Bat Working

2013 Annual Meeting

The 2013 NEBWG meeting in Albany, New York included almost three days of presentations of projects by various bat researchers of regional interest. The 2013 conference was a blazing success with over 150 participants from all over the country, plus England and Australia. This meeting was an excellent opportunity to present research results and interact with professionals and students interested in bat conservation in the northeastern United States.

Meeting Dates: January 9, 10, 11, 2013

Local Meeting Website: Please see the Speleobooks web page for the latest information.

Pre-convention Intro to UV Workshop: Few people have looked at bats under UV light and there is a unique opportunity to learn things from this noninvasive survey technique. People need to know what they are seeing with UV under a variety of circumstances, and in MYOLUC we have seen many fluorescent (FL) variables that cannot be linked to causes at this time. We can see Geomyces destructans begin as pinpoint non-FL foci that eventually expand and grow hyphe which glows orange FL under UV conditions. Discussions will include camera gear, photography techniques, and many example photos of what to look for. This is a free workshop open to anyone interested beginning 9 AM Wednesday January 9 at the Albany Airport Inn immediately preceding the NEBWG meeting. For more information please contact John Gumbs.

Post-convention SonoBat Software Workshop: This course highlights current acoustic inventory techniques and all commonly available models of the latest full-spectrum bat detectors, and focuses on call analysis using the powerful SonoBat 3 software. Bat call repertoires and how these are used to make species identification determinations will be addressed in detail. This will give students confidence in analyzing bat calls by hand and to highlight responsible use of the SonoBat 3.1 auto-classification utility and how to integrating full-spectrum detectors into state and federal bat survey protocols. Instructors include Joe Szewczak (SonoBat developer), Janet Tyburec (JT Consulting), David Riggs (Myotisoft), and John Chenger (Bat Conservation and Management). This event separate from NEBWG begins at 6 PM Friday January 11 and runs until the afternoon of Sunday January 13. Registration/detailed information is available at the website.

2013 Chairman
Michael Fishman

2013 Host
Emily Davis

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Meeting Agenda
Abstract Compilation
Poster Summary

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Participant List
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Meeting Minutes
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The Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. is serving as meeting co-host and is providing event logistic support.
Sponsors of NEBWG 2013 included:

Emily and Mike will be on hand with books and batty gifts.
Sherwood, and Ian will be showing the latest SM2+ and EM3 equipment and software.
Mary Beth will have mist nets and other survey gear.
bat conservation and management
Kim will be happy to demonstrate Titley's ANABAT and radio tracking systems.

Aimee, Todd, John, Joe, Janet, and Dave have full spectrum bat detectors, IR lamps, harp traps, StenLights, and SonoBat available to test drive.


Wednesday, 09 January 2013

9:00 am - 11:00 am
UV Light Workshop

General Session 1
Member State Updates

12:50 PM - Welcome, Introductions: State Updates
(Moderator: Michael Fishman)

Maine/Quebec/Massachusetts and other absentee summary
Vermont - Scott Darling
Rhode Island - Charles Brown
Connecticut - Kate Moran
New York - Carl Herzog
Pennsylvania - Cal Butchkoski
New Jersey - Mike Valent
Delaware - Holly Niederriter
West Virginia - Craig Stihler
Virginia - Rick Reynolds

5:00 - 5:15 - BIO-BREAK

General Session 2
NEBWG Business and Committee Updates
(Moderator: Mike Fishman)

5:15 - Business Meeting and Other Committee Updates (Moderator: Mike Fishman)
o NEBWG, Inc. - Mike Fishman
o update - John Chenger
o Committee Updates: Wind Energy Guidelines (Rick Reynolds); Others…
o 2014 NASBR - Emily Davis
o NEBWG 2014 Nomination
o New Business

Evening Session
8:00 - 9:00 - Informal Committee Meeting Time (Committee Chairs to Coordinate)
8:00 - 12:00 - Networking and Recreational Consumption - Hospitality Suite* or On Your Own

Thursday, 10 January 2013

General Session 3:
WNS - Pitfalls & Progress
Moderator: Al Hicks

8:30 AM - WNS National Update - Jeremy Coleman
8:50 - WNS Effects on Eastern States - Carl Herzog
9:10 - WNS Effects on Eastern States - Rick Reynolds
9:30 - Diagnostic Fluorescence of WNS Lesions in Bat Wing Membranes - Greg Turner
9:50 - Changes to Bat And Aquatic Communities Due to White-Nose Syndrome - Kate Miller

General Session 4:
What Do We Hear About Acoustics?
Moderator: John Chenger

10:30 - Using Auto-Classifiers for Acoustic Surveys: Do Results Reflect Reality? - Janet Tyburec
10:50 - Comparison of Automated and Manual Acoustic Identification Methods - Trevor Peterson
11:10 - Ongoing Offshore Acoustic Bat Research in the Atlantic and Great Lakes Reg. - Steve Pelletier
11:30 - Doubting Thomas Probably Did Not Own An Anabat - Laci Coleman
11:50 - A Field Test of Two Acoustic Classification Systems to Discriminate Indiana Bats - Joe Szewczak
12:10 -Mobile Platforms for Acoustic Monitoring at Off-Shore Wind Project Sites - D. Scott Reynolds

General Session 5
Monitoring Bat Populations and Activity
Moderator: Robyn Niver

1:30 - Changes in Bat Activity Over 4 Years at Dunnville Bat Monitoring Station - Derek Morningstar
1:50 - Relative Reduction of Myotis Activity in Long Term Acoustic Surveys - Sarah Boyden
2:10 - Bats of Long Island - Michael Fishman
2:30 - A Synopsis of 2012 Indiana Bat Captures in WV's Northern Panhandle - Carl Anderson
2:50 - Bat Summer Distribution Models for New York State - Kelly Perkins
3:10 - Impacts of WNS on Bats at Great Swamp NWR, NJ - Jennifer Bohrman

General Session 6
Mortality and Mitigation: Assessing Impacts
Moderator: Noelle Rayman

4:00 - The Bloomsburg WindJET: A Wildlife Sensory Impact Assessment - John Huckins
4:20 - Environmental Variables Related to Tree Bat Kills at Wind Turbines Across NY - Kelly Perkins
4:40 - Band Retention, Band-Related Mortality, and Winter Handling of MYLU - Al Hicks

5:00 - Dinner (on your own)

Evening Session 7
7:00 - 8:00 - Indiana Bat Survey Protocol Update - Robyn Niver

Friday, 11 January 2013

General Session 8
Research, Conservation, and Management
Potpourri - Moderator: Susi von Oettingen

8:30 - Uncertainty in Home Range Estimates of Little Brown Bats - Laci Coleman
8:50 - The Survivors: A Summer Sketch of Myotis lucifugus and Myotis septentrionalis - Cindy Hauser
9:10 - Brandenbark™ Mitigation & Habitat Enhancement Tool for Tree Bark Roosting Bats - Josh Adams
9:30 - Calling a Spade a Spade (Or a Chicken) - Al Hicks
Al's Species/Repro Test Results
9:50 - Conservation and Recovery Working Group Update - Robyn Niver
10:10 - Eastern Small-footed Bat (Myotis leibii) Ecology at Acadia National Park - Tim Divoll

General Session 9
House Bats and Bat Houses
Moderator: Kristen Watrous

11:00 - Vermont's Got Bats? Campaign - Alyssa Bennett, VT F&W Dept
11: 20 - Appalachian Summer Bat Roost Counts in PA - Cal Butchkowski
11:40 - How to Get That Endangered Bat Out of Your House in 20 Minutes - John Chenger

12:00 - New Business, IBAT Protocol position statement proposal (withdrawn without vote)

Solitary Turbines and Bats: Preliminary Results from a Case Study in Lewes, Delaware - Vulinec, Wallrichs, Swift, Horton, Shriver, Buler

John Gumbs presenting the UV Light Workshop in 2013
Greg Turner presenting in 2013
Mark Ford presenting in 2013
Break time
Joe Szewczak presenting at the SonoBat workshop

Photos from J. Chenger unless noted
NEBWG Team at the end of the last day

Photo by Al Hicks. Click photo to download higher resolution

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