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Welcome to NEBWG-L, a listserv developed for members of the Northeast Bat Working Group (NEBWG).  The NEBWG listserv is maintained by Lance Risley at William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey. The list is not moderated.

Current listserv members represent federal and state agencies, academic institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations, cavers, wildlife rehabilitators, and others.

Here are a few guidelines:
1. To distribute a message to all list members, send email to:  It is not case sensitive.
2. Because the purpose of the listserv is discussion, a reply to a listserv message will automatically go to ALL members of the listserv.  In the past few years, there have been occasional issues with this default setting (e.g., personal messages viewed by all), but no major problems.  If it becomes problematic, the setting can be changed. Please watch where your messages are being addressed and double check that is your intent.

3. Read No. 2 again.

4. If you receive an error message from the list manager, email the administrator of the list (Robert Harris) at:  HarrisR "at"  He is the university guru on listservs.

5. Email (RisleyL "at" if you have comments/suggestions related to the listserv. Lance can also add or remove you from the list upon request.  

6. To subscribe yourself:  Start an email to and leave subject box blank (no text). Type the following in the space used for the text of messages:  subscribe nebwg-l Myotis sodalis

Substitute your email address name for Myotis sodalis.

7. To unsubscribe, see auto-generated note at bottom of the listserve email message. For further instructions on how to use listserv, go to:

8. There are a few handy commands that allow you to manage the listserv for yourself. Start by sending a message to as usual. Leave subject box blank and put the command in box you normally use for message text. Commands include:
     a.  set nebwg-l nomail   (temporarily discontinues email from list)
     b.  set nebwg-l mail   (continues email from list)
  c.  set nebwg-l digest    (rolls each day’s messages into one email)

9. Attachments up to 5 MB are allowed on the listserv. The standard advice for PC users applies: do not open/run unsolicited attachments with a .exe extension as it is likely a virus.

-Traffic on this listserv is considered light  -

Northeast Bat
Working Group

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