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Many issues brought up at annual meetings cannot be resolved overnight. Therefore dedicated committees or "task forces" are formed so that members can continue their discussion after the NEBWG meeting to accomplish their goal. These committees are informal and anyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion or be involved Please contact the task leader(*) to be included and see what you can do to help.

This list includes present and past committees, so not all of these groups are necessarily active. Inactive groups may remain listed here in case topics or issues need to be revisited.


Caving in WNS

Purpose: To develop a statement from NEBWG on cave access in the Northeast. Focus on maintaining cave closure during hibernation (prevent disturbance) and review of current FWS cave advisory and any points of disagreement with the NEBWG members

Contact: Greg Turner*, Barb Douglas, Carl Herzog, Craig Stihler, Peter Youngbaer

BMP for Bat Exclusions

Purpose: How to deal with issues that might come up post-listing related to exclusion activities in buildings and to develop criteria to avoid the need for permitting most of these activities.

Contact: Kristen Watrous

Bat Rehabilitation

Purpose: To gather state protocols to look at what is occurring in the Northeast. Review potential effects of listing on rehab, recommendations? ID issues with rehab and find out (if possible) how much rehab is actually occurring in the northeast.

Contact: Christina Kocer*, Leslie Sturges, Mick Valent

WNS Steering Commitee

Contact: Scott Darling*, Carl Herzog

Purpose: To address large scale as well as industrial size individual turbines and impacts to bats and management strategies. Committee will review the draft FWS wind guidelines and provide comments. The committee will distribute the comments to state biologists and NEBWG, SBDN and MBWG members.

Contact: Scott Darling*, Carl Herzog

Baseline Data/Summer Survey

Purpose: to recommend and perhaps facilitate that summer mist net surveys in WNS states should begin to radio track non-listed myotids and collect data on summer habitat use in the event they get listed.

Contact: Scott Darling*, Carl Herzog, Mark Ford, Kathy Johnson, Marilyn Kitchel, Holly Niederriter, Susi von Oettingen, John Seese

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